“Elisabeth’s photos demonstrate every poet’s aim, let alone every photographer’s : to give the reader a perfectly framed experience of something we may have seen time and again, but never in quite this way. There is an intriguing balancing act captured in every single image: between what we see, what we think we can see and what we might have seen. Between something definitely observed and something or someone we’ve stumbled across. Between the world we think we know and the sudden possibility of change. The choices made in angle, composition, stillness, movement and variety of texture, all lend these scenes a haunting and tirelessly engaging atmosphere. We are given just enough detail and unusual perspectives for a poem, but enough information is also implied beyond the frame to open the whole isolated scene up into a story. Elisabeth has an intuitive as well as skilled understanding of photography and where it can take her choice of subjects and settings. But it is the way she combines this gift with a sharp eye on the side-roads into narrative that sets these photos apart from the rest of the crowd.”
Jane Monson

“Just before the edge, where the shadows begin to seep into the light, we find a world of fractured stories. Here we are offered clues towards a dystopic wonderland, a twilight terrain, for which some yearn and from which others recoil, but which we all recognise. In her photography, Elisabeth Waltregny is revealing a road to this place, and almost in the mode of a photojournalist, she has begun documenting her journeys through a province which is at once fantastic and actual, revealing its landscape and the alienated shades who occupy it. This is a captivating odyssey, echoing Erewhon, Alice Through the Looking Glass, and The Divine Comedy.”
Marc Atkins

Elisabeth Waltregny holds a degree in photography from Saint Luc, Liège, Belgium
She also graduated in modern languages and literature and in management at the University of Liège, Belgium

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